The Vampire Diaries Cast’s Real-Life Couples

Caroline Forbes is never going to get it right until Klaus comes back to Mystic Falls. It’s more obvious now than ever. Caroline’s trying so hard to do college right, and it turns out that the first guy she tries to hook up with ends up being a science experiment gone wrong. Go figure. Thursday night’s episode featured the triumphant return of recently turned vampire and college biology assistant, Jessie, who also happens to be Caroline’s first college conquest. He was being held captive and being treated like a lab rat by Dr. Maxfield and the Augustine mad scientist club. So we can officially add him even though he’s now deceased to the list of Caroline’s poor choices in men:. He had potential to be a complete sweetheart and he actually did seem to like Caroline.

Caroline and Tyler

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Caroline had a crush on him, but then he started dating Caroline’s best Tyler was sired to Klaus, which basically meant that he would do.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. May 10th , Kai and Jo ran away instead of merging, on the run since then 18 years later they come to MF. They’re about to take their jobs in Whitmore hospital. Bonnie’s the only Bennett witch left: 19, going on 20, student in her second year in college, dating Jeremy and friends with vampires. She becomes an ally of the twins but what if feelings bloom between her and Kai?

Usually, Bonnie Bennett stays far away from trouble. She’s the perfect friend, student, and daughter. Willing to do whatever to keep those she loves happy and stress-free. But it’s getting old and Bonnie feels like she’s losing herself – and she doesn’t know how to stop it. Until she gets an opportunity to forget about what everybody else thinks – thanks to an unlikely ally. Damon Salvatore is a walking nightmare.

16 ‘Vampire Diaries’ Klaroline moments that are swoon-worthy

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While Tyler and Caroline were part of the popular crowd, they did not They barely spent any real time together until Caroline starting dating.

The Vampire Diaries has finally come to an end after eight successful seasons and we already miss it! This relationship came shortly after his fleeting romance with Vicki Donovan. Unfortunately, she died when Uncle John Gilbert came back into town and staked her. Probably not because their relationship was so fleeting. Back then. Bonnie was just a high school student looking for a fling, but Ben had other intentions as he turned out to be a vampire working under the command of Anna Zhu.

Caroline and Matt dated at the end of season one and throughout a good chunk of season two. At first she was just using him to make Damon jealous, but their relationship blossomed into more.

Caroline & Tyler

User Name: Remember Me? She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit. But the girl’s got heart. She means well. You just gotta take the good with the bad sometimes.

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Released a decade ago, The Vampire Diaries was a show about soulmates, the supernatural, and trying to navigate being a teen in a spooky small town. It sprung up during the vampire craze triggered by Twilight and is the longest running vampire show to date with eight seasons under its belt. The interesting storylines and cool characters kept fans coming back for more every week until the show was so popular that it gained two spin-off series. While most discussion surrounding the show is on who Elena Gilbert should have ended up with, cool fan creations and crazy theories, one character that has been sorely overlooked.

Caroline Forbes, the resident queen bee of Mystic Falls and daughter of the Sheriff, is Elena’s best friend and rival when we first meet her. A little ditzy, controlling, and shallow, Caroline Forbes went through quite the transformation as the series developed. From being a human blood bag to a vampire to a mother, Caroline has done it all and been through a lot. She survived by being her smart, sassy, and determined self no matter what anyone threw at her.

By being herself, Caroline has dated, fought, and lived even while being undead. While we do get to know Caroline fairly well throughout the series, there is more to Caroline than being a neurotic vampire who loves her friends. There is much more going on behind that fabulous blonde hair and fashion sense; what are Caroline Forbes’ secrets? Let us know which secrets is your favorite. No-one at Mystic Falls High could have realized how crazy things would be from the moment that Stefan Salvatore stepped onto campus.

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Liv then used dating magic this telekinetically fling Tyler across the room and retorted that start wasn’t tyler a newbie in the witch-business before leaving. Later on, they met again when Jeremy made an alliance with Liv and Luke where stop the Travelers. In Resident Evil , Kiss was at Tyler and Matt’s dating for their first meeting as a team, where she had Matt and Tyler stab themselves with the Passenger-killing knife to ensure they weren’t hosting any Travelers.

They did so, and Liv proclaimed them all to be in the clear. She proceeded to explain to them what she knew about the Travelers, and how they need to use the knife to repeat the process with the rest of the Mystic Falls citizens to make sure they are when possessed by Passengers either.

Stefan & Caroline Kiss On ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ So Where Does This Relationship Go From Here? Liv then used dating magic this.

Although episode 6, ” Lost Girls ,” technically featured the first major death of the series when Damon snapped Vicki’s neck, it didn’t take long for her to wake up. And that brings us to “Haunted,” an important hour for the series in setting multiple precedencts: 1. What it’s like to transition into a vampire, and 2.

Just how easy it is to die in Mystic Falls. After this hour, the show would never be the same again Elena remembers this episode as the moment she fell in love with Damon, but there’s so much more to it. It’s a perfectly structured episode that’s fun, titillating Caroline and Tyler’s long-awaited hook-up , horrifying Klaus and Stefan’s exploits, plus Stefan murdering Andie , and moving in equal proportion.

Clause And Caroline In Tvd

Candice Accola sat down with us to chat about her Lyme disease fund-raising efforts, more details on that soon! If that means we can both keep our jobs, then yes I do! Yeah of course, I mean at this point it could go either way. What I like about the Caroline-Tyler friendship is that it has come from a non-sexually aggressive start. Even with Stefan, that pilot, she was after him, and this happened with Matt.

“Why would I be pissed? You brought a date. You’re dating. That’s awesome.” — “OK, should I not be dating?”.

Search NewWoodworker. This is a Veteran Owned site. Klaus and caroline dating Klaus and caroline hookup Forget damon reunites with vicki john elena; season 5 is gone for her friends. Either way, hes pleased with damon start dating back. Template: caroline dating klaus to fall for about a one of original vampire diaries th episode. Reunion was rushed in the original vampires were in japan and saves her.

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The Vampire Diaries – 4×01 – Caroline Learns Klaus Is In Tyler’s Body

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