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The Argoflex E was the first of a fairly long line of Argoflexes, which actually eventually devolved into cheap plastic box-like cameras in the last models 75, 40 , not unlike oversized Kodak Duaflexes. This particular E is actually the later model of the first Argoflex E, with a coated lens instead of the earlier uncoated version; Argus called this the E type 2 on their website back when it had information about film cameras. Varex lens? I thought it was the shutter name — I generally assume names ending in -ax or -ex to be shutter names Ilex, Rapax, Graphax, etc. Not a high-end shutter by any means, but it does the job. Actually mine was gummed up and not working when I got it, see below for fix.

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Camera Stuff I love all cameras and still like to ” Burn” film. Rangefinder cameras are so simple and a pure joy to use. Argus C3’s are fun as they are ” Auto Nothing”. All the big boys at one time of another had a decent Rangefinder and with good Black and White Film and a Red Filter, still beat my monochrome conversions from my digital cameras.

Yes light leaks , sticky shutters are all paret of old camera problems, but to show up at a car show with an Argus C3 still turns heads Argus C3 Matic.

Argus C3’s are fun as they are ” Auto Nothing”. All the big boys at one time of another had a decent Rangefinder and with good Black and White Film and a Red.

Discussion in ‘ Collector’s Corner ‘ started by Mitica , Jan 24, Dating and identifying cameras Discussion in ‘ Collector’s Corner ‘ started by Mitica , Jan 24, Dec 3, SRT with self timer. Some models didn’t have that. Dec 5,

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Produced in the s the camera features a 50mm f/ lens and range finder focus. And while a fully automatic camera you can set things manually if you can.

Find out how the camera has evolved. Believe it or not, the very first camera can be traced back to , although it took until before someone figured out a way to preserve the image. The earliest surviving photograph dates from and required an exposure time of over eight hours. It was then another 70 years before George Eastman learned to make photographic film, and it took until the turn of the century before the Brownie arrived. The Brownie changed everything, finally bringing photography to the masses.

Photography enthusiast Peter Altman owns some of the oldest models in existence — here, he takes a look at a few of his favourites The exposed plate was left to fall down into the box, hence the name. This was one of many box Brownies made by Eastman Kodak from onwards. It consisted of a cardboard box with a basic lens, with no control over the exposure settings. Millions were sold. Folding cameras were a way around this problem and became popular in the s and 30s. This one, launched in , was made in brown Bakelite, and here you can see it in both its open and closed positions.

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There are thousands of different models on his site sourced from all over the world, dating as far back as photography was invented, each one faithfully photographed and catalogued by Sylvain. Coronet Fildia moire , made in France, , far less common than the standard version because of its pattern [ link ]. Alsaphot Alsaflex , made in France, [ link ].

Bilora Boy , made in Chilli by the German company Bilora, [ link ]. Hit Mini Camera , made in Hong Kong,

They made these for 20 years so it’s tough to date it. Mine came from an antique shop and it’s in beautiful condition; I paid full-freight for it but it came with the 2-¼​.

Camera obscura , from a manuscript of military designs. Seventeenth century, possibly Italian. The history of the camera can be traced much further back than the introduction of photography. Cameras evolved from the camera obscura , and continued to change through many generations of photographic technology, including daguerreotypes , calotypes , dry plates , film , and digital cameras.

Photographic cameras were a development of the camera obscura , a device dating back to the ancient Chinese [1] and ancient Greeks , [2] [3] which uses a pinhole or lens to project an image of the scene outside upside-down onto a viewing surface. On 24 January mathematician and instrument maker Reiners Gemma Frisius of Leuven University used one to watch a solar eclipse , publishing a diagram of his method in De Radio Astronimica et Geometrico in the following year.

Before the invention of photographic processes there was no way to preserve the images produced by these cameras apart from manually tracing them. The first camera that was small and portable enough to be practical for photography was envisioned by Johann Zahn in , though it would be almost years before such an application was possible. The unhardened bitumen was then dissolved away. One of those photographs has survived. After exposure in the camera, the image was developed by mercury vapor and fixed with a strong solution of ordinary salt sodium chloride.

Henry Fox Talbot perfected a different process, the calotype , in Focusing was generally via sliding boxes.

Dating and identifying cameras

Film type: 35mm film Lens : Argus Coated Cintar 50mm The Argus C3 rangefinder camera was introduced by Argus in It was a minor revision of the Argus C2 , adding flash sync sockets to the side of the camera.

If the camera was manufactured after , or if I tell you I am out of stock as to ARGUS. #ARG, Instruction Manual Argus 21 Camera, $ #ARG

There is a feature where you can pose a question that is e-mailed to all members of the group. Our supply is now permanently depleted and we are substituting the Part No. The memo lists the new shutter design as being incorporated into ‘further regular production’. The endpoint is per published information. Empirical data suggest nnnnnn is between roughly and. The C was replaced within just a few months by the C2, with a geared coupling between the rangefinder and the lens, greatly accelerating focusing and making the camera much more convenient to use.

Argus C4.

Argus C3 serial number / mfg date

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Needless to say, such things are very unpleasant from a company standpoint as well as a personal standpoint. In recent years we have made improvements in leveling our employment between the fall and spring months. We have done this even though our sales in November are sometimes three times February sales. This is done with some risk by building a large inventory of finished products during the spring. We started out this year to do just what I have described above. Last fall we made a forecast of our sales for the year and at that time we anticipated a sizeable increase in total sales.

On the basis of this increase, we set our production schedule so that we could meet the fall demand with no increases in schedule at that time.

Argus Autronic C3

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Focusing: matching rangefinder images in the viewfinder, by turning the knob on front of the camera. Frame counter: manual reset, decreasing type, window near the cocking lever, a thumb wheel for resetting on the back of the top plate. Exposure meter Selenium cell built-in automatic exposure control sets the lens to the right opening. Film speed range: ASA setting: press the small tab and turn the ring on the lens-shutter barrel.

Exposure setting: Automatic, set to A in the window by turning nearest ring to the camera, set the speeds ring for scene or action, indicator of the exposure meter directly visible in the viewfinder, it must be in the clear area, the red areas are for over- or under exposure warning. Flash PC socket: on the left side of the camera with attachment for dedicated flash units. Flash setting: In the aperture window numbers 1 to 8 are aperture settings for flash or manual operation , the same numbers are on the Flash Finder scale on the focusing knob also; after focusing read the number on it then set the same number in the window on the aperture ring; set the speeds ring to the flash marking if you use a bulb flas unit; at all shutter settings for electronic flash synch.

Serial no. Dating info in Photonet. Another funky camera from Argus, made from I’m pretty sure if you dropped this camera onto the sidewalk, you’d crack the concrete. The Autronic 35 was one of four in the Autronic line. And while a fully automatic camera you can set things manually…if you can figure it out.

When was my Argus camera made?

Is there a place where I can go to find when my C3 was manufactured? I know mine was manufactured before ’59 because it has no accessory shoe, but would like a closer date than that. I don’t think there is, or maybe even could be such a list since they seem to have changed the serial number styles through the years.

But you can get a vague idea from subtle feature changes. These are approximate, and could be off a couple of years either way, but a general list I’ve accumulated is: Pre-war – 10 shutter marked shutter speeds, changed to 7 about Earliest ones had a paper label inside for the serial number, before about

This is the C3 model, and this particular camera was most likely produced between A few notes on dating this camera: Speed reminder dial is in.

Copyright by Phillip G. For pictures of Argus cameras to help in identifying which model you have, Click here. Establishing dates of manufacture for Argus cameras is an inexact art. Click here to read comments and assumptions about this guide. This site is not affiliated with any current incarnation of Argus Camera Company. Serial number: on a label inside above the film rails in the format “No.

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